Pre/Post Care

Thank you for booking in your new tattoo with me. It is now very important you take care of your tattoo to ensure the longevity of the tattoo. Here is the process for looking after your new tattoo. I recommend this process as it is the process I use myself. This is not the only way to look after your tattoo but what I recommend.

Pre Care:

– Be well rested.
– No hang overs, alcohol or drugs before your session.
– Bring a sugary drink/snack with you to keep up your blood sugar levels throughout the tattoo session.
– Have a good breakfast/lunch before your session and be well hydrated.
– You are welcome to bring a friend but please only one. We operate in a small area with other artists working also. Please respect the fact we are working and concentrating very hard whilst tattooing and bringing a group of friends is very distracting.

Post Care:

– Remove the wrapping around the tattoo 1-2 hours post tattoo.
– Clean the tattoo with a gentle soap and warm water. It may be easier to get a shower for larger tattoos.
– Pat area dry.
– Apply a thin layer of After Inked aftercare cream which is available for sale at College Hill Tattoo, 2-3 times daily.
– Apply the cream for 10-14 days.
– No picking or scratching of your tattoo.
– No soaking in oceans, swimming pools or spa pools for 2 weeks.
– Shower as per normal.
– Following these steps will ensure you are healing your tattoo in the best possible way.

Your tattoo has been applied using the safest, government regulated way and is now up to you to look after your tattoo. If you have any further questions, please contact me via email or call the shop on 09 3784841.